'From the Birth of the Universe
to the Origin of Life'

Jewelry of YEMYUNGJI inspired by universe, life, and dynamic energy of nature.
The designer’s philosophical view on gemstones(minerals) made her to create
unique story of vitality of nature that gives people the happiness of life as it is a
medium (through fusion of nature and jewelry?)
The jewelry embraces from the birth of universe to the origin of life through out
minerals and, aesthetics of lines through simple and dynamic(powerful) line
YEMYUNGJI is “Wearable Art” and the leader of the 21c jewelry dicussion?


Line collection represent dynamics through movement of nature. Wave of water and sound, flow of air, and every movement around us is reinterpreted as jewelry.


Space collection represent dynamics through space of nature.Every element of life grows in space is reinterpreted as jewelry.


Mineral collection represent dynamics through minerals. Vitality of mineral is created into art-piece.


Tradition collection represent dynamics through history. Traditional Korean jewelry is reinterpreted into modern jewelry.