Yemyungji Mineral Collection Almandite Garnet 18 K Gold Great Impact Necklace


Yemyungji Mineral Collection Almandite Garnet 18K Gold Great Impact Necklace

For her latest Mineral collection, she took components created with the meshwork and mixed them with a series of gemstones and minerals, some in natural rough form, to tell an intriguing story tied to the birth of the universe, the formation of the minerals, and the origin of life.

To be specific, the arcane story embraces all the birth of the universe; the Big Bang, Pangea, Water - which is an essential element of life in the birth of organisms and even more. The vitality of nature from minerals and the unique lines of YEMYUNGJI has joined together to create one of kind art jewelry that offers people vitality and joy of life.

‘Great Impact' vividly captures the moment of the Great Impact, when the Moon and Earth collide, allowing us to feel the greatness and awe of nature. On the other hand, the moon and the earth are seen to hold each other. This extraordinary and unique work of YEMYUNGJI contains a brand-specific meshwork since 1998 and impresses the viewers with its splendor and natural dynamism. YEMYUNGJI's philosophical view on gemstones allowed her to make this unique story of the vital power of nature, using Almandite garnet in a country-rock that has a rich dark red hue.

Yemyungji Mineral Collection Almandite Garnet 18 K Gold Great Impact Necklace

Total Width: 156(mm) / Length: 220(mm)

Pendant Width: 64(mm) / Pendant Length: 67(mm)

Almandite Garnet diameter: 8.5(mm)



PLACE OF ORIGIN Korea, Republic of
METAL 18K Gold / Yellow Gold  
LENGTH 8.67 in. (220 mm)

W 6.15 in. x D 8.67 in.

W 156 mm x D 220 mm



STONE CUT Round Cut 


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